Values Owner


When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.– Roy E. Disney

Our behavior, decisions, priorities and principles are heavily impacted by our values. We have these deep beliefs that consciously or subconsciously become major contributing factors in how we live, work and have relationships.

Being aware of the values we live by and hold dear can help us make better decisions about every aspect of our lives. By honoring certain values, you may make your life happier and the world a better place, while honoring other values may make you miss out on opportunities and experiences. Does this mean values can be good or bad? Yes, and no, because its relative. A value that is extremely important to you might not be important to me.

So let’s find out more about your values, how to make them clear and how you can use them to transform your life.

Limited Seats Available


What you will learn and gain

  • What do values mean?
  • Where do values come from?
  • How do our upbringing and society impact our values?
  • How to discover your values.
  • What is the concept of The Bag of Beliefs?
  • How can we use our values to live a fulfilling life?
  • Tools and techniques to help us be clear about our values and honor them.

Course Leader

Deena Almansoori, coach and founder of Fortitudo

Prerequisite Workshop

None, you can attend this workshop without attending any other.

Time Table

Day Time – Day Workshop Timetable

10:00 AM – Welcome drinks & snacks
10:30 AM – Workshop commences
11:30 AM – Break (time varies)
12:30 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.

Evening time – Evening Workshop Timetable

06:30 PM – Welcome drinks & snacks
07:00 PM – Workshop commences
08:00 PM – Break (time varies)
09:00 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.


To be announced before the workshop based on Number of attendees.

Before you join the workshop

Think about what you are giving up in order to invest yourself in this 2.5 hour long workshop. A coffee with a friend? An errand? Time at the spa? Work? Make a mental note or write it down. I will ask you again in the workshop.

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