Time Artist


Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.– William Penn

We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, what we choose to do with our time differs from person to person due to many factors.

We often hear ourselves say, I don’t have time to exercise, or get a degree, or finish that book I started and so on. We often blame our shortcomings on lack of time.

But do we really not have enough time? I doubt it. What most of us are unable to do is use time properly. In this workshop we will understand time, our need for it, and how to make the most of it.

Limited Seats Available


What you will learn and gain

  • What is time?
  • Why understanding time is important.
  • What are time vacuums?
  • How to prioritize our activities for best use of time.
  • How to plan our time effectively.
  • How to stick with our timed plans.
  • How to increase our time discipline.
  • Tools and techniques for more efficient and effective time management.

Course Leader

Deena Almansoori, coach and founder of Fortitudo

Prerequisite Workshop

None, you can attend this workshop without attending any other.

Time Table

Day Time – Day Workshop Timetable

10:00 AM – Welcome drinks & snacks
10:30 AM – Workshop commences
11:30 AM – Break (time varies)
12:30 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.

Evening time – Evening Workshop Timetable

06:30 PM – Welcome drinks & snacks
07:00 PM – Workshop commences
08:00 PM – Break (time varies)
09:00 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.


To be announced before the workshop based on number of attendees

Before you join the workshop

No preparation is required for this course.

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