Presenting self


First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.– Elliott Abrams

First impressions are really important and the last longer than they should be in the receiver mind, sadly!

However, once you master your self-image and self-presentation, you will open many doors for yourself. In writing, verbally or in person, you can charm the others if you know how to choose your words, your body language and your fashion wisely. As well as dressing smartly for the occasion. Which means, you will need to work on your emotional intelligence.

If you are writing your CV, going for an interview, or preparing for a big presentation, this workshop will give you the hacks of marketing yourself properly.

Limited Seats Available


What you will learn and gain

  • Why is first impression important?
  • Why do we judge based on first impressions?
  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Why is it important to be confident, and how?
  • What are the best ways of representing ourselves in a function, groups, job interviews, and all other social or formal events?
  • How to look really good on paper, without lying!
  • How to rectify a bad impression?
  • Tools and techniques to add to your tool box and use when required

Course Leader

Deena Almansoori, coach and founder of Fortitudo

Prerequisite Workshop

None, you can attend this workshop without attending any other.

Time Table

Day Time – Day Workshop Timetable

10:00 AM – Welcome drinks & snacks
10:30 AM – Workshop commences
11:30 AM – Break (time varies)
12:30 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.

Evening time – Evening Workshop Timetable

06:30 PM – Welcome drinks & snacks
07:00 PM – Workshop commences
08:00 PM – Break (time varies)
09:00 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.


To Be Decided and announced before the workshop based on Attendees number

Before you join the workshop

Take a few minutes and think of a situation where you thought you have left a really good impression. What did you do then?
Similarly, think of a situation where you believe that you gave the wrong idea about yourself, what did you do then?

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