Inspiring Leader


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.– John Quincy Adams

Leadership in the modern day became one of the most abused words in business. There is still huge gap between being a leader and being a manager. That said, leadership is a quality we all have. We don’t need to gain it, it’s there. And We definitely don’t need to have a big title to demonstrate it.

What we need to do is to recognize it, bring it to life, nurture it, and learn how to inspire others with it. In this workshop you will learn how to be more of an inspiring leader at your job and community.

Limited Seats Available


What you will learn and gain

  • What is leadership? And how is it different from management?
  • What are the characteristic of a leader?
  • How to tap into your leadership qualities?
  • How to develop your leadership skills?
  • How to demonstrate your leadership regardless of your position or circumstance?
  • How to inspire others to tap into their inner leader?
  • Tools and techniques for you to use after the workshop.

Course Leader

Deena Almansoori, coach and founder of Fortitudo

Prerequisite Workshop

None, you can attend this workshop without attending any other.

Time Table

Day Time – Day Workshop Timetable

10:00 AM – Welcome drinks & snacks
10:30 AM – Workshop commences
11:30 AM – Break (time varies)
12:30 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.

Evening time – Evening Workshop Timetable

06:30 PM – Welcome drinks & snacks
07:00 PM – Workshop commences
08:00 PM – Break (time varies)
09:00 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.


To Be Decided and announced before the workshop based on Attendees number

What you need to do before you join the workshop

Take few minutes and remember a situation when you took charge and led people? What was it? How did you feel? Was it difficult for you to lead? Make a mental note or write it down and bring it with. If you don’t get the chance to do so, no worries, showing up is half the battle.

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