Achievement Planer


Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.– Paul J. Meyer

Planning is one of the most natural skills a human has. Regardless of the size of your plan, you already have one. You plan to have dinner with your friends, you decide when and where and what you will wear and how you will get there. You plan on buying a new car, so you think of how much you can afford, the color, the features, the brand etc.

We plan more than we realize. We do it every day. So how can we build on this natural skill in business and build effective and efficient plans to achieve our goals. That’s what you will learn in this workshop.

Limited Seats Available


What you will learn and gain

  • What is planning?
  • Why planning is important?
  • Can we achieve anything without planning?
  • The science behind planning
  • How is planning different from strategy and goals.
  • What are the different types of planning?
  • What do you need to build a successful plan?
  • How to build an achievable plan?
  • How to build contingency to your plan?
  • Tools and techniques for effective planning and implementing.

Course Leader

Deena Almansoori, coach and founder of Fortitudo

Prerequisite Workshop

Its recommended to attend the Goal identifier workshop but it’s not mandatory.

Time Table

Day Time – Day Workshop Timetable

10:00 AM – Welcome drinks & snacks
10:30 AM – Workshop commences
11:30 AM – Break (time varies)
12:30 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.

Evening time – Evening Workshop Timetable

06:30 PM – Welcome drinks & snacks
07:00 PM – Workshop commences
08:00 PM – Break (time varies)
09:00 PM – Workshop ends, attendees network if desired.


To Be Decided and announced before the workshop based on Attendees number

Before you join the workshop

No preparation is required prior this workshop

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