My Pledge to the UAE:

I believe we all carry the responsibility to help the UAE government achieve the nation’s vision. It is the duty of Emiratis and expats alike to work towards contributing to this vision by applying and sharing their skills, life experience and knowledge.

My pledge as the founder of Fortitudo, and as an Emirati woman, is to fulfill my responsibility to the UAE, by supporting the four pillars of our country’s vision with all the resources available to me.

Fortitudo’s success will be measured by how much its goals support the vision. Here is how I plan to contribute:

  • Fortitudo will spread cultural awareness through workshops, social media, and the web to fill gaps of understanding between the various cultures residing in the UAE and our Emirati culture, thereby enabling people from all over the world to understand and better appreciate our values and traditions.
  • Fortitudo will be an example of successful Emirati entrepreneurship that is actively engaged in the enlightened course of the UAE
  • Fortitudo activities will ignite ambition and sense of duty within its clients with a focus on Emiratis of all ages and genders
  • Fortitudo will inspire individuals to capitalize on their best traits and values and apply them to relationships at home, school, and work.

  • Fortitudo’s founder will continue participating in Youth Circles and relevant governmental forums to stay up to date with the UAE’s most pressing needs and consequently provide solutions and feedback to achieve a successful and safe environment, as well as uphold the vision and legacy of our founding father.

  • Fortitudo will provide workshops and forums to develop life, learning, and career skills for people of all ages and backgrounds to enable them to become to more self-aware, productive, and motivated individuals and teams who will effectively contribute to the success of society and the country.

  • Fortitudo will raise awareness among its clients and the public about the importance of healthy minds and healthy bodies.
  • Fortitudo’s founder will continue to participate in environmentally initiatives and promote awareness of related activities.
  • Fortitude will lead the way across the Region and beyond in its approach to social development and evolution and narrow the cultural gaps whilst remaining true to our country’s vision.