About the Founder

Professional Certified Coach - Deena AlMansoori

Deena AlMansoori is an attentive listener, excellent writer, engaging speaker and a convincing debater. She believes that opportunities never end; all we need is the right mindset to see them.

Deena built herself a successful and promising career in Program and Business Management amid challenging work and personal circumstances. At the apex of her career, Deena decided to get out of her comfort zone and follow her heart. Deena left her secure job to pursue her dream: build a community where everyone shares a goal of making positive changes in their lives, a community where everyone has the right mindset to see the never-ending opportunities.

In her journey of self-discovery and enrichment, Deena didn’t settle on just attending courses, reading books or obtaining certificates. Deena took a leap and experienced firsthand the physical and emotional challenge of achieving new goals. Deena was the first Emirati woman to hike Suge La high pass in Tibet. The experience was both scary and exciting. Deena cried and laughed, and after she returned,she decided to publish an article about her experience in The National Newspaper. Deena did not stop there. She started 2016 by climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro. Deena’s journey of self-discovery took her traveling to different places which enabled her to gather experiences which few people, let alone Emirati women, are able to do. Deena is passionate about sharing her life-changing experiences with those who want to make a difference in their lives.

Deena always says that you are responsible for your life, you are the maker of your own happiness, you are the achiever of your dreams. She firmly believes that life is a theatre, full of stories. Stories we write, act, and direct. We choose the chapters we live, the roles we play. Let Deena help you write a better chapter in your life.


  • Co-Active Coach – Trained by The largest and oldest Coaches Training Institute (CTI) Based in San Francisco and branched all around the world.
  • International Coach Federation Member
  • ADIA Leadership Program Alumna – by RBL Group
  • Management Development Program Alumna – Insead University
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) – Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Higher Diploma and Bachelor Degrees in Business Information Technology – Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in Abu Dhabi
  • Masters in Finance and Banking – The British University in Dubai

Deena is also in the process of becoming a certified professional co-active coach, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, as well as Completing the The Power of Parentology training.

Vision and Mission

VisionBuild a safe, creative and fun environment for people to connect with their inner strengths, thrive toward their potential, and become fulfilled humans.

MissionOur mission is to provide life and career coaching for all age groups, share learning experiences, and create an avenue to discover hidden strengths & talents and exploit the known ones.

The Story behind Fortitudo

Fortitudo is the latin word for Courage, Strength, and Moral bravery.

Fortitudo management consultancy provides coaching services to individuals and organizations. With a focus on core personal and professional needs, Fortitudo is delivering a variety of workshops touching different life aspects. With one main goal; which is growing our magnificence for better living with each other.

Why and how did all this start? Here is the story:

Humans are fascinating. Each one of us has unlimited resources and strengths rooted within. Tapping into them is not always easy, sometimes we struggle, sometimes we lose our way, sometimes the circumstances can beat us down and suck the energy out of us. Sometimes, we become so comfortable that we forget our duties as humans and citizens and become afraid to step out of our comfort zone to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Whatever the reasons that causes us to forget what we are capable of, or make us stay in a shell of fear or ego, there is a way to stimulate ourselves to rise and evolve and become effective, passionate, positively contributing members of society and the world.

Growing up, I had a tough childhood that I’m grateful for. It shaped me to be compassionate and empathetic. It directed me towards the world of learning and personal development. As an adult, I was beaten down by life but luckily I had access to resources that helped me get over some of the toughest phases in my life. These resources consisted of a life coach I would meet with weekly, a therapeutic program I attended for a week in Tennessee, physical activities, art, amazingly supportive friends and family, and lots and lots of books.

Going through these experiences made me wonder how many people like me were out there and needed to be supported in tough times and guided when confused. I then asked myself what would our society look like if we worked on developing the life skills we need at an early age, moreover, if we create an environment and culture of unlocked potential, magnified strengths, explored talents, and confidence.

It took me a few long years to get ready for this moment, studying, researching, attending classes, obtaining certifications, traveling to seek answers wherever I thought I might find them. And as my heart filled with all the warmth and strength I needed, Fortitudo came to life.